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aircraft chartering

Customised air travel becomes a sole solution, as Tour Operators cannot accommodate their groups on schedule airlines.
We provide exclusive air charter for our customers, personalized timetables for series of Leisure flights, moving passengers to and from their holiday destinations with safety and comfort.
We offer realistic prices with credible airline suppliers, for social clubs and groups for organizing conventions, exhibitions etc., always aiming at providing the most efficient solution according to the clients' needs and budget.

VIP travel is treated with discretion providing flexibility, security and time accuracy.

The following list of aircraft is indicative. Given the clients individual needs, K&K Airline Services provides an extensive range and type of aircraft availability. For specifications on the listed aircraft below, please click on the link:

For further information or 24/7/365 support, please contact:
Mr. Philippos Kaiafas
Mob. +30 6944365446
email: philkaiafas@kkair.gr